I make game apps & websites. I'm an animator, programmer, designer and illustrator for all things web related. Available for freelance or development partnerships. I'm located in San Francisco.


Game Apps

Open Field Echo Sounder
Audio game app for the blind and visually impaired. Available on iPhone and Android. GPS game app. (Dec. 2013)
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Finger Fencer
Peer-to-peer fencing game app for android or iOS. Fence against your friend P2P on a shared WiFi or single player against a computer opponent. (Nov. 2012)
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Finger Kendo 剣 道
DRAG to block and TAP score Kendo game. Use the audio cues to counter the sword. (Feb. 2013)
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Shake My Stuff
Mobile app that will quickly let you create a shopping list based upon what’s in your house. Developed with "Totally Unprepared" a California earthquake awareness program.
(Feb. 2012)
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Spyglass Theater
Blacklight puppets !
(2002 - current)
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Jenny Lin, piano
Showcasing audio from dozens of Jenny's albums. CSS and JS responsive web design for desktop, tablet or mobile platforms.
(2005 - current)
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Stapley Hildebrand
San Francisco package designers.
(2004 - current)
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Ionassi Potomassis, piano
Audio website showcasing music and performances from this talented pianist.
(2006 - current)
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Japanese Kindergarden E-Learning
Simple flashcards to help parents pronounce K level hiragana characters and words.
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Rita Marika Csapó-Sweet, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Theater, Dance, and Media Studies.Fellow at the Center for International Studies University of Missouri - St. Louis.
(2008 - current)
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Terri Moeller
Music Video
"Love the Rain" from the EP 365 (2014)
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Eef Barzelay
Music Video
Black Tin Rocket From Eef Barzelay's album Songs of the Transmissionary Six (2008)
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Music Videos
9 videos for the album Else Another Light Might Go Out (2007)
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The Redwood Plan
Live Performance Video
@ Bumbershoot 2008
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