Nihongo Undokai
Educational game app quiz for 1st graders. Improve your Japanese and hiragana skills while playing against your friend - P2P over shared WiFi.

SCUBA with Prof. Nautilus
Companion game app for Spyglass Theater's black-light puppet show. Pilot the deep diver down to the depths. Photograph creatures before the oxygen runs out ! Learn about the animals that live in the ocean.

Open Field Echo Sounder
Race to GPS located targets anywhere in the world. Listen with headphones to find direction to the targets. Optimized audio game app for blind and visually impaired.

Swivel Sounder
Locate sounds by rotating in a swivel chair. Audio game app - coming soon!

Finger Fencer
Peer-to-peer fencing game app. Fence against your friend P2P on a shared WiFi or single player against a computer opponent. Official rules and judging help you learn foil, épée or saber weapons.

Finger Kendo 剣 道
DRAG to block and TAP score Kendo game. Battle the computer or against a friend on shared WiFi.

ShredSF Circus
Turn the crank to watch Stapley & Hildebrand's circus of awesome. Web and mobile game app. Work in progress - juggling, lion taming, tight rope walking, elephant poop sweep and knife throwing soon!

Bob Smolenski

Making game apps & websites. Designer, programmer, animator and illustrator for all things web/mobile. Available for freelance or development partnerships. Located in San Francisco.

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